2 Ella one pills in a cycle



@Dr_Paula I am on the contraceptive patch and have been for around 2 years
I had sex with ejaculation (no condom) 2 weeks ago, and took the ellaone pill 4 days after this just to ease my mind as I get really paranoid about getting pregnant.
I take the patch correctly and have never had any issues with it.

I then had sex again with ejaculation inside me 3 days ago (no condom)

I had the patch on the week before this, however I am still bleeding from the ellaone pill I took previously

Do I need to take another ellaone pill, or will I be covered from the 1 patch I had on during the week of the second intercourse


Hello @Mad

It is recommended to stop the patch for 5 days after you take the Ella One. When you re-start the patch it will take 7 days for it to become effective again. It sounds like it is more than 12 days (5+7) since you took the Ella One , so your patch should be working again.

However this sounds a bit complicated and it would be worth talking this through with a health professional who can think specifically about your risk with you. You could possibly talk to your GP on the phone to discuss?

In general if you have been at risk of pregnancy and you are bleeding it is always wise to do a pregnancy test.

Many thanks



Thank you for your response

I am meant to get my period in a few days, do you think the risk is very high of me being pregnant?