21day contraceptive pills


Hi, I’m using this kind of contraceptive pill and tomorrow(Saturday) should be the last day in my pack then I will have my 7 day break, but I took the Saturday pill last Thursday and now Friday I take Thursday and Friday pill as I thought it’s not the same pill and I will face a problem. Can you please advise me what I should do?



I don’t completely understand how the days which you took the pill have changed - it does not sound like you have missed any pills? Or maybe you took a diferent type of pill - I am not sure. It is worth knowing that all the pills in the Yamin packet are the same.

I think the best thing to do is probably not to have your 7 day break - just continue taking the Yasmin and then you will not be at risk of pregnancy from the mix up that you describe before.

Hope helpful




Yes I did not missed any pill. I thought that each day of the pill have a different effect so I took 2 pills as I saw I took the Saturday pill. If I will not take a 7 day break so when I will take it? In the 2nd pack of the pill after I consumed all? Or I can use the Saturday pill in the next pack and then have my 7 day break then after the break I will continue the pack as before.

Thanks a lot.


Hello @maneka.real

You can take your 7 day break at the end of the second packet.

Hope helpful