About to have the copper coil fitted



I am getting the copper coil put in shortly and I’ve read some awful things online which are beginning to worry me.

  1. Is it really unbearably painful? I’ve had a smear test previously and didn’t find that at all painful, but I’ve never had children so I’ve read some horror stories about the pain (I do have a low pain threshold)

  2. Will I be able to go to work afterwards? I can cope with heavy bleeding and cramps but wondered if the pain is so bad that I’ll be unable to work.

Thanks in advance.


Hello @MMS

Peoples experience of having the copper coil fitted are highly variable. I have fitted lots of coils and done my best to explain what I think here What is it like to have a coil fitted?

My personal feeling is that it is painful but that if you get it fitted by someone experienced then it is pretty quick. You can have cramps afterwards and I think it is a good idea to take the day off work. That way you have some time to look after yourself afterwards.

Have a look at the link above and do come back to me if you have any further questions.

Many thanks



Thank you for the response @Dr_Paula. I want it doing for the long term benefits, but I’m talking myself out of it due to the pain. I think if it’s just for a minute or so, I could cope, and I’m getting it done by an experienced contraceptive doctor.

I’m unable to take the day off work, so just worried about what will happen afterwards.


So, being realistic, I think it takes me about 6 mins to actually fit the coil.
I usually ask people to lie down for about 10 mins afterwards - just to make sure that they are fully recovered. Occasionally people need longer than that, some people jump up immediately and are fine.
There is usually very little bleeding, but your womb suddenly realises that it has a piece of copper and plastic inside it and this causes cramping - like bad period pain.
In some people this settles very quickly, in other people it continues through the day.
It is very much like period cramps - so the treatments are the same - paracetamol, hot water bottles, warm baths - just until your womb gets used to having this foreign body inside.
I think being prepared is important. Eating something beforehand, having paracetamol and ibuprofen in case you need it and if you cannot take time off work just making sure that you have a fairly quiet day.
I am sure that it will go well.


Hello, I had the copper coil fitted today and have had conflicting information. I last took my pill last night, do I need to continue taking the pill for 7 days or have yesterday’s as the last one?


Hello, many thanks for your question. If the IUD is in the right place then it is effective from the day that it is fitted. However some people wait until their 6 week check - so they know the IUD has settled in the correct place.
Hope helpful.


Hello, thank you for the response.

I’ve been told that they don’t have a six week check up now.

I can feel the strings, so does that mean I don’t need to take any more pills?



OK - at the clinic where I work we always do a 6 week check, but I just checked the guidance and it says that it is not compulsory.

So, if the coil is in correctly positioned - i.e. you can feel the threads then you can go ahead and stop taking the pill.

Many thanks



Hi, thank you so much for the response, very reassuring.