Advice from other couples please


My husband and I don’t want anymore kids and are trying to decide which one of us should be sterilised… any thoughts or advice from other couples? How did you decide? How did it go? Did it affect your relationships? Thankyou


After reading about both options, the way I see it is the male procedure is a lot simpler, and my wife has been through a lot with having our kids so I see its fairer for me to do it.


Hi @NuttyNat,
Obviously it is a choice that you will make together. Both are highly effective and permanent (very difficult to reverse). Both are very safe operations. Vasectomy is a more minor procedure, done under local anaesthetic. Female sterilisation is usually done as a day case (you can go home the same day) and under general anaesthetic with about 5 days off work.
You can find more information about both operations on SH:24 here: and here:


Hey, i was sterilised during my 3rd c section,after i had my second baby i went to my doctors to ask about sterilization and he wouldn’t entertain the idea was told it was much simpler to send my partner instead for the snip. hence baby number 3 lol.
( I didnt know i could get sterilised after birth, doesn’t sound like an option in your case.) Just beware you may have to fight the GP a bit for it!)