Advice on whether I will get my request to be sterillised



I’m 27 and have a 5 year old daughter. I have donated my eggs twice in the last year and I have decided I don’t want anymore children. My partner doesnt want any either. I’m currently on the copper coil and it gives me really painful periods and I also get bleeding in between my periods. How likely do you think it is that I will get my request to be sterilised? I would like it doing fairly soon ( once that pandemic is over).

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Hello @Bethaniielouu

Many thanks for your question.

Most gynaecologists are reluctant to do a sterilisation procedure until the age of 35 - this is quite controversial.

It is worth knowing that the Royal Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology advises gynaecologists that the risk of regret after sterilisation is particularly high among those aged under 30 at the time of sterilisation. If you are under 30 at the time that you request sterilisation the surgeon may advise that you wait until you are over 30 before you have this procedure.

Some women feel that the current medical guidance that advises against sterilisation under the age of 30 is paternalistic. There has been public debate about this - here is a good summary of this debate -**

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