Am I protected? Pls help!



@Dr_Paula I had my first depo injection on the 15th of July (5 days ago). About 5 minutes before my injection I came on my period, so I had it on the first day of my period… about three days in my boyfriend and I had sex and he accidentally came inside of me, will I be protected by now or is it worth getting an emergency contraceptive?


Hello @Rayray22

If you started the injection on the first day of your period then you are covered from that day. The only difficulty is how do you tell whether it is a normal period if you started the injection immediately. As the injection itself can change your bleeding pattern it might be difficult to tell.

I think it would be reasonable to obtain emergency contraception but you would need to take the ‘Levornelle’ 72 hour one as Ella One interacts with the injection.

Hope helpful