Throughout the first lockdown I had a really bad experience with testing positive for HPV, which made my anxiety go though the roof, being kept inside and having so much time to think about it and make up scenarios in my head was awful, thankfully I then had another appointment and it’s gone and I’m all back to normal, the only problem is since then I have ordered a at home testing kit and I was fine until it showed up, I am absolutely petrified of doing it, it might sound silly but I just can’t bring myself to do it, I was trying to do a massive self care journey to try and get myself back to how I was but this is a big hurdle and I don’t know if anyone else had felt like this before but any advice/ words of wisdom would but really really appreciated


Hi there, hope you’re good. I’ve been tested positive for Hpv few months ago with high grade so I needed a biopsy and colposcopy to removed it. I have to do another smear test soon to make sure it didn’t came back.
But before that I was like you, so stressed, checking internet, made up things in my mind. I realized there’s no point to be stressed cause even if you have sti it’s not a big deal. Except for HIV the rest of Sti’s have proper treatment. Do not worry too much. I’ve done stis test at home. It’s not painful or anything. Maybe you’re worried about the result ? Earlier you do it faster relieve you’ll be.
By the way hpv is a common infection. For the rest I can only advise you to use condom or another contraception (sorry idk your situation)
Do the test, you’re gonna have result within few days and you’re not gonna have to worry anymore xxxxx