Anyone using the Natural cycles app?


I’m a 36 year old female. I’ve been on the pill for a long time but recently I’ve started to worry about the impact of synthetic hormones on my body. Has anyone else successfully switched to natural methods? I’ve heard about this new app, ’ Natural cycles" - anyone using it?

It seems so old fashioned, but is anyone giving it a go?

I would be wary of using this app on it’s own at the start. I’ve read some stories of people suing the developers of the app because they have ended up pregnant. It’s like the old school rhythm method, except you have their expensive thermometer and flashy app to look at.


I’ve got three kids though and we really don’t want anymore. My husband and I are debating which of us should be sterilised…(a topic for another discussion!). would anyone reccomened this as a method for the mean time? I’ve seen people talk about this natural cycles app on facebook, is it as good as they say?


I’ve just started using the natural cycles app about 3 months ago. So far I love it. No need to remember to take the pill, and feel so much better not putting extra hormones into my body. You take your temperature every morning and this gives you a much more accurate reading - so not relying on just when you’re period comes. I’d highly highly recommend it!


I agree, I think it’s really great. However I was too scared to rely solely on this to begin with. I’m using condoms as well in and around the times I’m highly fertile just to be on the safe side. It takes a while to get the hang of the app and to get into the routine with taking your temperature firs thing each morning - but once you are used to it, it’s not an issue!


Hi All, The latest evidence shows that natural cycles has an 8% failure rate with typical use. So it depends how you feel about the possibility of falling pregnant.
To use the app effectively you need to be able to remember to take your temperature every morning - before you get up or have a hot drink. And you need to either abstain from sex or use a barrier method of contraception (condoms) effectively during your fertile days.

There are other options if you would like to be free of synthetic hormone in your body. For instance, the non-hormonal coil is a great option if you want to have long term contraception but are worried about the synthetic hormones. Alternatively, diaphragms or condoms - both male and female.
Find out more about hormone free contraception on SH:24 here:


I have bought a thermometer from amazon and am using my period tracker app. I am trialing it for the first month. Seeing how it goes. I am getting used to taking my temperature in the morning.


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It would be really good to hear about how you are finding taking your temperature each day. It is really important that you use a reputable app that will put together the information from your temperature and the information from your cycle to tell you which days are fertile and which are not. Maybe it would be worth using condoms all the time until you are really used to taking your temperature daily, before you get up in the morning and before you have done anything else. It would be good for others to know how easy or not easy this is. Do . you have tips on how to remember?


Thank you for the advice. I keep the thermometer next to my phone so it’s the first thing i do when my alarm goes off.


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Thats brilliant !
I was thinking about this since my previous reply. I just thought it was worth checking with you. I think (and am happy to be proved wrong on this) that the only thermometer/contraceptive app combination that is licensed in the UK for contraceptive use is Natural Cycles. I just thought it might be worth mentioning, in case you are using something else and either you know that it is licensed for contraception or you would prefer to switch to something that has been thoroughly tested. I am aware that there has been a lot of controversy about natural cycles but the evidence suggests a failure rate for typical use of 7% which is fairly similar to the pill.


I didn’t use this app but another one called Clue. I tried it after my second pregnancy as I thought hormonal contraception was giving me low sex drive. I loved it - really nice not to be taking anything and to get to know how my body changes during my cycle. I got used to taking my temperature and the changes in my discharge became really obvious. I loved the app, really clear and easy to use.

However…I only used this as I knew that we’d want to try for a third baby at some point, so I wasn’t too worried about getting pregnant. It did work well as I was using it, and as soon as we tried to get pregnant, we did (twice, actually, as I miscarried once, but was able to get pregnant again within a few months).

Now we have three kids, I’d be too scared to use it, particularly as the temp in the morning would be hard with various kids jumping on me before I’ve even woken up (you have to take temp before you even sit up). I’m now using the mirena coil but I’d rather be doing it naturally, I’d just be so worried about getting pregnant that I’d have to avoid sex on about half the month just to be sure.