Are condoms really only 80% effective?!


Hey I have a question about condoms. I always wear a condom, if it doesn’t break then your safe right? i mean thers no chance of pregnancy? Heard someone say it was only 80% effective so now im worried :confused:


Think the 80% is for when it fully splits or if it’s not put on properly, you should be fine mate


Yeh I got freaked too! idk i use the pill as well as condoms, as i really don’t want to get pregnant. it’s safer i think. i heard someone at my university got pregnant even though they had a condom but i don’t know them personally so not sure if it’s bc it had a hole or what


I only use condoms and have never had any problems, so think it is fine if you use them correctly


I think the leaflets say its around 80% because some couples don’t use them properly, so its more of an average. Make sure there aren’t any air bubbles when you put it on and hold on to the base of it when you pull out so that it doesn’t slip off. If you buy a decent brand and use them right you’ll be fine.


Male condoms are actually 98% effective but only when used consistently and correctly. This means no contact between penis and vagina without the condom on.
Many condom failures come from partial use of the condom - e.g. only putting it on just before ejaculation. The problem is that some sperm are released and are present on the penis well before ejaculation occurs.
So with typical use - the way most people use them - the effectiveness goes down to 82%.