B/V and Candida


Hello :slight_smile:
I am wondering whether or not you know anything about Candida and whether or not it can be transferred into penile or vaginal thrush because of oral sex? Or whether Candida or the gut can cause problems within the vagina eg irritation and random itching


Hello @Laura1

Candida is a really common fungal infection - you find it on skin, in the bowel, in the vagina. It is not a sexually transmitted infection - because most people carry it in somewhere on their bodies and many women will carry it in the vagina.

Usually it does no harm, but if it overgrows or as part of your body’s response to it you can get irritation. In the vagina this is known as thrush and can be irritating and painful. It is easy to treat with medication that can be bought from the pharmacy. But treatment never gets rid of it completely and many people have regular episodes.

Managing it is more about treating the episodes when it flares up rather than getting rid of the infection.

Hope that is helpful.