Bacterial vaginitis




Can someone help. Iv recently been treated for thrush then bv but even tho the itching has more or less gone, my tummy pains have calmed down and Iv taken all my antibiotics, I still feel as tho it’s there. Today while I was on the loo I had yellow green discharge which I wiped away and now it’s normal colour. My tummy has slight period like pains and one side of my vaginal lips still have a slight itch. Now I’m going to try some vaginal probiotics which Iv read up about which is basically my last hope. The gp seems to diagnose me over phone and I dnt want to waste there time is all is ok. I’m just sending my self round bend, thinking the worse as yes Iv googled it and it always comes bk as cancer. I know I shidnt but I always do!!! Plz someone say it sounds like normal bc or thrush x


Helo @Shygirl

I did a piece on BV here Bacterial vaginosis

Hope it might be helpful.

Many thanks