Bleeding after coil


I had the coil inserted about three weeks ago. It was all fine and painless with no cramps but I’ve had very heavy bleeding ever since. I was on Cerazette before so I don’t remember what it’s like to have such a heavy period! I had a baby 7 months ago and have been breastfeeding since then so my period only came back just before the insertion. How long does it go on for?


Hi there
I think that if you have had heavy bleeding ever since the coil was inserted 3 weeks ago then you should probably check back in with your provider - it would be useful to know that the coil is in the right place and that there is no evidence of infection. You will probably have an appointment booked for a coil check 6 weeks after fitting anyway, but if you are having very heavy bleeding - best to check in with them sooner. Hope it gets sorted out soon.


Thanks Dr_Paula, the bleeding did settle down, however, I had quite a heavy period the following month and then another one just now. It seems to be much heavier than I remember having years ago before I started taking the pill. However, I’m now more worried about my mood, but I’ll post that in a different thread as I’ve seen somebody else asking about mental health issues.