Bleeding after copper coil insertion



Hi, I had the copper coil fitted 9 days ago and I have not stopped bleeding . The bleeding is not spotting as suggested and is constant red blood with clots .

I have had a period for 8 months but needed some protection .

Can someone tell me if this bleeding is normal as I was told it would be for a few days only ?

I’m considering getting this take out if it doesn’t stop within 2 weeks as I can’t see how this is normal

Thank you


Hello Manta,

From what you have described it would be best for you to attend clinic. While some abnormal bleeding is an expected side effect in the first 3-6 if the bleeding is heavy, you are passing large clots or you are in pain you should be checked at clinic.

Did you have any investigations into why you had a period for 8 months? Have you considered a contraceotion that may make bleeding lighter such as the hormonal coil?


Hi, I attend clinic and they said it was excessive but everything is in place . They have given me some medication to try slow the bleeding down and also sending me for a scan to ensure it’s not causing me any issues .

I’m still bleeding and doesn’t seem to be slowing
Down . :rage:. I will give it 4 weeks and if it Feinstein stop I’ll have to have it taken out as it’s not comfortable wearing pads all the time .

I have seen my GP yesterday and he has done blood test to see if I’m going through early menopause. I’m very concerned if this is the case as I think 43 is very early and could cause me some health issues which I could do without .

I really don’t want to take HRT is this is the case as the side effects and risks are not great either . It’s a bit of a blow and struggling to come to terms with this possibility .

Thank you for replying



I really feel for you @Manta - having early menopause mentioned by your GP sounds so worrying and hard to come to terms with, as you say. Glad to hear you have seen the GP and returned to clinic - I would keep a close eye on the bleeding and return to clinic if it hasn’t settled down within a week or so.

I had a copper coil for 18 months and in the end had it removed because my periods were 9 days long and just couldn’t cope with the amount of bleeding, so totally relate to parts of your story!!