Bleeding but nothing on pad




I have been on my periods last 12 days, normally they heavy for about 5 days and then it goes lighter. Last 2 cycles they have. Been so light, im bleeding but there is nothing on pad. I can only see it when I wipe my self. This month same thing has happened. It has been 12 days still bleeding, nothing on pad only when I wipe. The colours varies red, pink, orange pink or brown. Is this normal?? I am so frustrated. I also have PCOS

Please help me!


Hello @Aaziz88

Many thanks for your question.

I think the first thing it would be helpful to do is a pregnancy test. This may be really unlikely - but anyone who has had lighter periods should at least check this.

The colour of the blood that you see in your periods varies depending on how much you are bleeding - for example if you are losing very small amounts then it passes out slowly and has often turned brown by the time that you see it. Blood flowing quickly is more likely to be red.

The third thing is just to check that you have not got an infection - a simple STI screen could be useful - just because infection can be associated with irregular bleeding.

I will post more on PCOS and its effect on periods later.

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Just following this up.

Here is the leaflet from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists on PCOS

I think that if the simple tests (pregnancy and STI) that I suggested above do not show anything then it is probably important to see your doctor and just talk your symptoms through. You will see from the leaflet that PCOS can cause irregular or infrequent periods but I think your pattern of persistent light bleeding should be checked out before you put it down to PCOS.

The advice that your doctor gives you will depend on a few things like your age, changes in weight etc.

Many thanks