Bleeding on the hormonal coil (7 months so far)



please read this to the end…
hi, I am just going to make this as short as possible , I simply need advice because I do not know anymore if my doctor knows what shes doing :confused:

iv’e had painful periods all my life, and when I say painful I mean very painful to the point where it will stop me from doing a lot of things, and the older I got the more the pain i got, im 29 years old, had my first period when I was 10 ,
so I went to my gyno and decided to go on contraception as I was told that its a great way to stop period pains, the contraception I was put on was the arm implant because I wanted something long lasting and wouldn’t have to think about taking a pill everyday .
the first few months it was great, I did not have any bleeding and I thought finally this thing is working, but sadly after 3 months of insertion I started bleeding, now the pain was ok much less than what it was without contraception, but the bleeding would not stop, I would bleed for months and it will just stop for 4 days then the bleeding would start again, went back to my gyno and was given the combined pill to take back to back for 3 months in addition to having the implant, did that and my period stopped for the whole 3 months I was taking the pill, however one day after stopping the pill I started bleeding AGAIN
at this point it went up to one year and 3 months (because I wanted to give it a chance as I was told it takes up to a year for your body to get used to it) that’s when I had enough and went to my gyno again, then got recommended the hormonal IUD the mirena, was told that it might stop the period all together…

I have had that since may 1st of this year and as I knew that it will give me a lot of bleeding, up to now I have been bleeding a lot, my periods would last so long and would stop only for 5 to 7 days then I would bleed again the rest of the month, I went back to my gyno and was given the combined pill to take in addition AGAIN

I did not take the combined pill YET as I kinda know that it will stop my period but then I will bleed again,
does anyone have any advice of any kind???
I am desperate , I really wanted the mirena to work and I don’t know if I have an underlaying problem that my doctor is not thinking about? or is this my body’s reaction to contraception in general??? do I take the combined pill this time and see if it works??

it feels like my 2 options are:
1- have short periods that are painful as hell
2- have less painfull periods that will last forever

any help is much appreciated
thanks alot

More than 7 months bleeding on the IUS - can anyone help?

Hey! Sounds like you’ve really gone though it when it comes to hormonal contraception :confused: I feel for you!! Breakthrough bleeding is the worst!! Has your doctor checked if you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or Endometriosis? Both are conditions that cause heavy bleeding and really painful periods, so if your doctor hasn’t checked if you have those or any other underlying conditions, ask them to do that! Not a medical professional FYI but here is what I know:

My friend had the same experience with the implant - bleeding for months. When it comes to bleeding on hormonal contraception there can be a big difference in how your body reacts to different hormones - so if you take the combined pill again then stop the bleeding might not come back. You will definitely have some bleeding right after stopping because of the drop in hormone levels (which is why people who don’t take it back-to-back have a “period”) but don’t think it should be longer than a week max. So taking the combined pill for a while MIGHT make it better, but also doesn’t really get to the bottom of what is causing the bleeding… @Dr_Paula maybe you could advice?

Which combined pill did you take that worked to stop the bleeding? Maybe @Dr_Paula advice if there is a long-lasting option that might work better, depending on which hormones worked for you. There are also (I think!) different types of hormonal coils with different hormone levels - so another brand might work better. I don’t have the coil do don’t know from experience how long you should expect side-effects like bleeding before it settles, but 7 months sounds way too long.

My girfriend takes progestrogen only pills to stop bleeding (Feonella 75mg) and it works for her - maybe just trying out different pill brands could work for you? It is annoying to remember every day though…

It’s really disheartening when nothing seems to work, but stick it out! I’m sure you will find something that works for you. Ruling out a medical condition for your painful periods is definitely a first step I think - and let’s see what Paula suggests! Let me know how you get on - sending love! <3 Linnea


Thanks for replying i really appriciate it

Tbh, when i went in the first place to see which contraception i should get, and why im getting it, i was not told or even recommended to do a check up first
I was given the contraception options straight away, and did not even think i could be having any undeying issue

I was not examined for anything tbh
And the only time i had and ultra sound was after 6 weeks of the coil insertion and that was the check up apppointment, but was not told that i had anything just that the coil is in the right place

The combined pill i was given this time is Loestren 20 but the one i took before i honestly dont remember , but i will let you know when im back home as i still have the packaging it was in

In terms of what type of hormonal coil
I was only offered 2;
The copper one which is hormone free or the mirena which is im on now

I refused the copper one because i read about it and heard the experiences with it making periods worse, which is the complete opposite of what i wanted which is less periods and less painful

I still want to give the mirena a chance, i migjt take the combined pill again see if it works this time, but if i want my doctor to check on those medical conditions you mentioned, what kind of examination do i need??
Smear, ultra sound, laporoscopy??

Thanks alot


Sorry one thing i forgot to mention, i did STD tests to rule out These things and they all came negative ,


Definitely do a smear test if you are due one, that’ll check for cell abnormalities. For the other stuff Iäm not sure what tests they do, but actually reading up on it now Polycystic Ovary Syndroms doesn’t sound like it applies to you, I got the symptoms for that wrong, it’s irregular periods not heavy periods - I was thinking of fibroids! You can read about fibroids here I don’t want to alarm you though, it might also not be any underlying issue at all, but always worth checking just in case the symptoms apply to you!

I had bleeding between periods so they did a transvaginal ultrasound to check for any abnormalities, it was fine only took like five minutes to do and I didn’t find it painful at all.


Hello @remisk

Like @Linde I am so sorry you have had such a miserable time. I will talk through what I think might be your options.

First - your main problem seems to be painful periods. I know that you are having a lot of irregular bleeding but it sounds like that is mainly due to the implant and the Mirena. @Linde is right - it is important not to just assume that these methods are the cause of the irregular bleeding and it is good practice to do an STI test, a pregnancy test (probably not so relevant to you as your bleeding has been going on for a long time and it would have been obvious by now if you were pregnant, but you can get irregular bleeding in early pregnancy) and to make sure that you are up to date with your cervical smears.

Some people have very painful periods with no abnormalities to explain it. The commonest abnormality that causes painful periods is endometriosis. However I am not sure that this is what you have got. Endometriosis is when you have tissue from the lining of your womb present in other parts of your abdomen. What happens is that when you have menstrual bleeding not only does the tissue in the lining of your womb bleed but also the bits that are elsewhere in your abdomen. This causes small amounts of bleeding into your abdomen which irritates everything there - and causes pain. I think the leaflet from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is really good on endometriosis. You can read it here

The reason why I think you probably don’t have endometriosis is that this other light bleeding that you are getting with the Mirena is not painful. But the only way to find out is to have an ultrasound scan. This is something that your gynaecologist can organise easily.

As your doctor has suggested - many methods of contraception can stop your periods and therefore solve the problem. The implant may do this - but one quarter of people on the implant have irregular and prolonged bleeding. It sounds like you are one of these. Mirena may also stop your periods. The usual pattern is a lot of irregular bleeding in the first 6 months that then gradually gets less and less and most people will have no bleeding or infrequent bleeding. I think this is what your gynaecologist is hoping will happen. However it does not work for everyone and 20% of women are experiencing irregular bleeding on Mirena one year after insertion.

I am positive that it is possible to find a solution to this but it might take some more trial and error.

From my perspective you have 3 options:

  1. Continue with the Mirena and see whether the bleeding settles - it may well still do that. It would be useful to hear from other people who have had bleeding on the Mirena that has settled after more than 6 months.

  2. Take out the Mirena and wait a short time to see whether your bleeding pattern goes back to normal - i.e. the irregular bleeding stops - this would give you reassurance that everything is fine. Then you could consider taking the combined pill. Have you taken this before to control your periods? It often makes period pain better. Have you tried taking it back to back so that you don’t have periods at all?

I am sorry again that you have had such a miserable time with your periods and really hope that you find a solution.



Thank you for the reply

My periods before any contraception were regular in terms on timing
But i used to get the period pain 5 days before i get my period and then the pain will keep on going for the first 3 days then gradually becomes less by the 7th day
Thats when my period finishes

When i went to my gyno and explained my symptoms, she emidiatly ruled out endometriosis and that was based on 2 reasons which are;
1- i did not have bleeding between my periods
2- i did not have pain during sex
And she said these were the 2 big signs of endo
But no examination was done…

It reassured me because at the time i trusted her and went ahead with the implant
But then later on read about endo and realized that its different for everyone and depends on what stage it is,

Now talking about having the merina removed
I really dread the thought of having that pain again as the mirena is helping alot with the pain
So i would like to give it the chance for at least the 1 year mark, i just cant understand the prolonged bleeding, and no one seems to

As for the combined pill
Yes, i took it before when i had the implant (back to back) for 3 months and for the whole of the 3 months it stopped my period completlely
But the next day after my last pill
I start bleeding again with long periods

Now that ive been given the combined pill again to try with the mirena
I know that it will stop my periods but what if i start bleeding again after finishing the pill??

Do you recommend trying the combined pill and see what happens after??
And even if i wanted to do an ultra sound or any sort of examination, is that ok to do while having the mirena in? Or do i need to take it out??

Thank you so much for the help


Hello @reemisk

Thanks for your response.

I just checked the guidance from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health care again. They say that there is no clear research evidence to tell us how to manage irregular bleeding on the Mirena. The general pattern is that bleeding settles with time (I know that it is a long time in your case and I know that this is difficult to put up with). What the combined pill does is give you a break. So it does not affect the bleeding pattern in the long term but it gives you a short term break. So, I think it is a personal decision for you as to whether you try it or not.

In terms of the ultrasound scan - yes this is fine to have a scan with the Mirena in place. It will also reassure you that it is correctly positioned.

Because this forum is for information and advice only - obviously we can’t do tests or examinations it is difficult to offer any other help. You and your doctor should think together about the following things - have you had an examination to make sure that the Mirena is correctly positioned, do you need an ultrasound examination to exclude other causes of bleeding, are you up to date with your smear tests and to plan how long you will continue with the Mirena. It sounds like you have already had some of these conversations and checks but it might be worth making an appointment in the new year just to check that you have covered everything.

I do hope that everything settles down and I think it is likely that it will.

Many thanks



Thank you for all theadvice i really appriciate it

I had ultra sounds to check on the mirena yes and it wascorrectly positioned,
I think i will take the combined pill for a break i really need it, and please if you do know someone who went through the same experience
It will be really helpful to chat to them ( if they are happy woth that)

Thanks alot
And i will try to keep updating if there is anything new


Thanks @reemisk.
I have done a ‘top pick’ on this and asked people to share their experience of irregular bleeding on the Mirena - hope people do.

Should I get the IUS after having my IUD out

Thanks alot
I will keep an eye

I really appriciate it


Hi Everyone

I can see that 63 people have looked at the thread on bleeding on the IUS in the last couple of days but no-one has shared their experience! Maybe none of you have experienced irregular bleeding on the IUS - but if you have - it might help others to hear about either your positive or negative experience.

Usually of 100 people who look at a website one will post - lets try to do better than that.

Maybe a good new years resolution might be to share experiences on discussion forums like this to help others???

Happy New Year!



If anyone had any experience with that please post it, i am trying to figure out why i have been having constant bleeding and any advice/help would be really appriciated

Any thoughts as well,

Thank you
Happy new year


Hey @reemisk,

I just felt for you reading about your story with contraception.
I have used the hormonal coil in the past. I remember being frustrated being told it would get better with time but actually in the end it was…6 months is just a guide i guess for how long it takes for most people. I hope this happens for you soon…if it does take a little while longer at least it lasts for a few years!

Good luck! Come back here to say how you get on.


Thank you so much for the reply

I really want it to work and i read that sometimes it does take up to a year to settle and your body to get used to it, so i want to try and do that

i was just wondering if someone else had the same problem


We started a discussion on Instagram on this topic because it is so important. Here are some responses.


What is the hashtag or the account so i can follow?


The instagram account is: @sh24_nhs and here is the direct link to the story:



I came across this post from an IG sponsored ad. I read through the thread and felt that I should get involved in the conversation. I’m not usually very comfortable with this kind of thing, but I think it could help myself and maybe you as well.

Apologies in advance for the long read. I’ll try to stay as brief as possible but I also want to get all of my experience out.

I’m in a similar boat with contraception and have had the Mirena since the end of July. My 6 month mark is coming up and I think it could be starting to settle. However, if it is then it may not be sorting my issues as I had hoped.

A bit of background… I’m 26 and have struggled with painful, heavy periods since I can remember. I thought this was normal, I honestly used to think (until last year) that every woman had this. I’ve also been in a relationship for 7 years.

I eventually tried the pill to help ease the pain, as well as to have contraception. I was 17/18 at this point. The first few I tried gave me terrible side effects like headaches, breast sensitivity so bad I couldn’t remove my bra or horrible nausea. In the end Logynon became the best option.

I reach 20/21 and my pains become really bad. To the point where I had period pains every single day. I had all my STD check ups and everything was fine and clear. I then started to get UTIs way too often. A reduction in caffeine has now helped this - as well as the Mirena maybe.

Anyway, I went to a private doctors surgery and had an internal and ultrasound scan. Both came back normal. I end up assuming it’s all in my head and carry on.

This continues for another 4 years. In pain everyday and I ended up just sucking it up, assuming it can’t be that bad. I start to get pain during sex, I got so fatigued and run down that some nights I would get in from work and fall asleep straight away. Sometimes I couldn’t even keep my eyes open during work. I was getting UTIs way too often. My emotions were all over the place, thats always been a bit of an issue but it definitely got worse. Not to mention my anxiety.

I go back to the doctors, in my new area. I do all the STD checks, blood tests etc again and all come back clear - besides really low iron. More ultrasound and internal scans. Clear. Changed my diet due to potential allergy/IBS symptoms. Nothing helped or changed.

I eventually get referred to a gyno. Who immediately suspected that I have severe PMS. She explains that Logynon was probably better than nothing but it also wasn’t helping me. She suggested my hormones were unbalanced and said the Mirena and hormonal patches would help.

I couldn’t get an insertion appointment right away so I had to come off Logynon at the end of the cycle and start the patches with Progesterone tablets - I think they were.

Another thing I should say is, if I ever tried to delay or skip a period. My body would never allow it. I would always bleed. I mentioned this to the gyno but I’m not fully certain that she was convinced by this.

The Progesterone tablets gave me a horrid rash on my stomach - which was fantastic haha. Can’t catch a break! So I was happy to stop using those. However, the patches seemed to be helping.

I go to get the Mirena fitted the first time but the pain was unbearable. So they got an appointment for me to go under GA.

All went well second time round and I must mention that all of the staff were just the absolute best. I love the NHS.

However, I bled continuously for over a month. Had a short break then continuous for two weeks. Then another short break and ten days. Then it seemed to start getting regular again. Last month I had a tiny trace of a period, then this month it’s just been one random day. I’ve also had occasional spotting. So the bleeding does start badly but it can ease itself out, this has taken 6 months though.

Now, until last month my emotions were balanced, my pains had pretty much gone away. But now they’re coming back, to the everyday point. They are much milder than before but they’re definitely creeping back. Sometimes I get painful twinges, they only last a few seconds though. My periods are still definitely ALOT lighter than I’ve ever experienced which is great. But as I mentioned, the pains are coming back, which isn’t ideal.

I had two weeks at the end of September where everything was just perfect. I really wish I could get to that point again.

I’ve contemplated getting another appointment with my gyno as I don’t think it’s right? Or do I need to reach the 12 month mark to be sure? Or it may be that I need stronger patches? Or no patches at all?

This is all very complicated and difficult. Feels good to get it off my chest to others that have the Mirena.

P.s - I also got extremely nervous having sex for the first time after having the Mirena. I was so scared it would interfere with it, pull it out or misplace it or even hurt one of us. Am I alone in this?


Thank you so much for sharing your story
Its really interesting how the contraception affect everyone differently

The first contraception i tried was the implant as u read, and it was awful
I bled all the time, constant , only maybe 3 to 4 days break, then bleeding
Wasnt heavy but it was bleeding

With the mirena i find that my periods r longer
Of course the first couple of months the bleeding was soo heavy and constant but i was told and read that that was normal

I thought after that , that it was starting to regulate, but i get long periods now (meduim to loght bleeding) but the break in between periods is no more than 10 days which i dont think is normal
Especially that i passed the 6 months mark

I had all tests and everything was normal

So im just waiting for it and i want to give it time because i think its the best option tbh so its either this or nothing

As for the sex, i was only able to have sex the first time i was on the mirena after 2 months of insertion, it was not painful but its strange i could feel it pressing on me, very weird
But with time that feeling is gone now and i hardly can feel it at all
I sugggest you take it easy and slowly
Especially if you feel cramps and pain

As i said previosly in the thread
I was given the combined pill to give me a break
But im
Not sure if i should take them or not,
Were prescribed the pill along with the patch/coil?