Bleeding on the hormonal coil (7 months so far)



I hope everyone is doing alright,

I went to my gp and she will refer me to a specialist in the hospital rather than going back to my old gyno, so i am now waiting, and it might take a while,
She also prescribed me tranexamic acid to help with the heavy bleeding,

But there is one thing that i noticed the past couple of months is that i’ve been having acne around my chin, and the last time i had acne i was 14 (im 30 now) i looked it up and all research direct to hormonal
Imbalance , should i be worried though??
Does that mean my hormones are all over the place and i need to stop the contraception?? Or is it safe to wait 'til i get my appointment in the hospital?

It’s really strange as i know that people usually go on contraception to treat acne, and the opposite is happening to me,


Glad you have got a referral to the specialist - hopefully it won’t take too long to get an appointment. I don’t know about the acne, maybe someone else on here can help with that. I just wanted to say thanks for updating your post - I am sure your experience helps a lot of people; you can see lots of people read on this forum and don’t always post something. I really hope the specialist is able to help you and you find a solution that works for you.



I am trying my best to update this as i know alot of women will go through different experiences but will never talk about it out of embarrassment or other reasons,
I would like to also ask if anyone went through what i am going through now, please let me know ,

And i will keep updating this post,


Hello @reemisk

Just to re-iterate what Katrina said - over 3000 people have looked at this thread!
Others who have posted previously and might be interested in updating on their stories include @Olivia_Metson and @Lucy

I think you are helping a lot of people by sharing what happens to you.

Many thanks



So a small update and also , asking for advice,

My appointment is on the 18th of july with the specialist gyno,
Unfortunatly could not get anything sooner than that,

But here is what i am thinking to do because im really frustrated, and i hope someone can advice me,
As i’ve been bleeding constantly for one year now on the mirena and it doesnt seem like its getting any better, and the acne on my face is getting worse and worse, i am thinking to take out the mirena and when i go to the appointment in july, it will be a kind of a new start and just explain that what i tried so far is just not working for me, and see what else they can offer?? Or maybe even do further tests , without bieng on contraception?

Or should i just suck it up and wait for the appointment and go there still on contraception and see what happens?

:frowning: im really frustrated and dont know what to do,
Any advice or help will be much appriciated



Hello @reemisk

I am not surprised that you are feeling so frustrated - it is a long time to put up with irregular bleeding - it feels from your post that you have made a decision on this.

Looking back through the threads it looks like your main problem was painful periods. You then went on the implant and had less pain but more bleeding and the same on the IUS.

One possible way forward would be to use a combined hormonal method. These contain oestrogen and progestagen and they stop you ovulating. So does the implant and the IUS, but they contain progestagen only. The thing about the oestrogen/progestagen combination is that it gives you much better cycle control. You can take it as a pill (need to take a tablet every day which I know you don’t want); a patch (which you need to change every week) and a vaginal ring that you need to change every 3 weeks.

On combined methods you can either use them for 3 weeks and then stop for 7 days. During the 7 days you have a ‘withdrawal bleed’ which is a bleed in response to the decreasing hormone levels during the week when you are not using the pill/patch/ring. This bleed is usually lighter and less painful than a normal period.

Or you can use them continuously. This has mainly been described for the pill - but you could talk to your specialist about doing the same thing with the ring or patch - these are ‘off licence’ uses but very commonly recommended. If you use them continuously then you should not have a regular bleed - you may get break through bleeding, but the general advice is to use them continuously until you get break through bleeding for 4 days then stop for 4 days during which you should bleed and then start again. You may want to at least discuss this with your specialist.

The only other thing that I can think of is the injectable - I am a bit hesitant to suggest this as - although most people stop bleeding all together, some people do not and with your past history it could be hard to bear if you were one of those who bled a lot.

Finally, non-hormonal methods - condoms, diaphragms, natural cycles - this would enable you to check what your normal cycle is like at the moment.

It might be useful to check other people’s experience of the patch or ring - especially if they have used it without a break and of course you will discuss all these methods at your appointment.

One advantage of taking the IUS out now is that you could check that the bleeding stops when the IUS is removed - so that you know that this is the case when you go for your appointment.

One disadvantage of taking the IUS out now is that you may need to find an alternative method of contraception in the meantime.

Hope helpful. Let me know if any of this is not clear or if you need more information.



hi Dr Paula

You are absolutly corret, my problem to begin with was the painful periods, hence why i went on contraception…

the only time i tried the combined pill was:
1- the first time i was on the implant my gyno gave me the combined pill in addition to the implant to take for 3 months( back to back without stopping them for the 7 days period) to balance my hormones (and my period stopped at that time) but the minute i stopped the pill i started the bleeding again.
2- i tried doing the same on the IUS but for some reason this time it did not work, and i still bled .

i didnt however, try to take the combined pill on its own… so maybe that will be something to consider…

my gyno also mentioned the injectable but reading about it, its the same as the implant and the IUS and i am not ready to try it if it will make me bleed again,
to be honest i do not need to be on contraception, i do not have a partner, and even if i have casual sex i always use condoms regardless, i just seriously thought (and was told ) that contraception was the best solution for bad period pain , and it did help with that but the side effects are way more than i can bare :frowning:

my only worry is when i get the IUS removed, i know i am going to be in alot of pain, and that will affect my life and work for at least a week…


Hello @reemisk

You make some very important points.

As this is primarily an issue of period pain, I have looked up the National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidance on management of period pain. They basically recommend:

  1. Non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs - things like Ibuprofen, naproxen, mefanamic acid, possibly with paracetamol as well.
  2. Contraceptive methods such as combined hormonal contraception, IUS, progestagen only methods.

The only advantage that I can think of that relates to the combined hormonal methods is that stopping and starting them is much more under your control - if you don’t like how you feel on the pill or the patch or the ring then you just stop - if you want to try again then you just start.

Do post on what you decide to do.

Many thanks



Hi @Dr_Paula

I used to take mefenamic acid for the pain and it was fine, but for the past 6 months whenever i took it , it gave me really bad back pain (feels like the period cramps but in my back) very strange, thats why i stopped taking it,

As for the combined pill, yes that is something i would try and do actually.
But would you recommend that i start it straight after taking out the IUS or wait and see how things go?

I booked to have the IUS removed on the 6th of june, and i can cancel the appointment if i changed my mind.

One more thing i want to say;;
Thank you so much for hearing me out, sometimes you just need someone to have a conversation with and listen to you and you have been great, i really appriciate you giving your time to reply to my posts,
I also hope this thread would help anyone who is frustrated just like me.

Thanks alot.


Hello @reemisk

In terms of whether to start the combined pill now or wait and see how things go - I’m not sure. It seems like:

Advantages of starting now - it might help in combination with the IUS and I guess theoretically you could try it for a few months and then stop and see if the bleeding continued.

Disadvantages - you are fed up with the IUS and the bleeding and this might just prolong the difficulty.

Advantages of having the IUS removed and starting the COC immediately - you would get rid of the IUS which has caused you so much trouble and you would have something in place immediately to control your next period.

Disadvantages of having the IUS removed and starting the COC immediately - you wont know if your periods have improved during the time that you have been on the IUS - this could happen - people’s periods change.

It is worth thinking about the patch and the ring as options as they work in a similar way to the pill.

Thank you so much for saying that you appreciate the forum - its great to have positive feedback. Thank you in turn for sharing your story - its a huge contribution and you can tell by the number of people who look at this thread and keep looking at it that it makes a big difference to others with similar problems. I think sites with FAQs are fine but it is completely different and much more useful to learn from someone’s actual experience.

Many thanks



Hi all,

I hope everyone is well and its good to see that the thread is still going. I can’t believe that so many people have been reading the thread as well, I hope it’s helping!

I thought I would give an update on where I’m at.

Firstly I think everyone should download and use this app called Moody. It has helped me so much! Being able to see where my moods go up and down, where my cramps come in etc. You don’t have to commit to using it daily, but enough to see how you progress month to month. It’s not just some simple tracker, you have sliders to indicate how bad your cramps are, are you feeling low or unsocial. Or maybe you’re feeling extra motivated and sharp. There are separate sliders for spotting and bleeding as well. It’s great - check it out.

January feels like a long time ago compared to where I’m at now. So 11 months after Mirena insertion I seem to have had my first bleed free month! Last month was an 8-day bleed, so it feels good to have a month off. My irregular bleeding also seems to have stopped. I think my Mirena is finally settling in. I do have all the usual period symptoms though, bad cramps (not like before but definitely still strong), fatigue, breast tenderness and muscular aches. These are all much milder than they ever have been. It’s still not great, it does suck to be someone that gets so knocked out by their cycle, but it’s definitely the best I’ve had on a contraceptive. Fingers crossed I continue to have no bleed!

My main point with this is, it’s taken me 11 months to reach this point. Don’t give up too fast, really try and think about all the pros and cons.

I actually visited my GP today as I am going travelling in September, so I wanted to get some things sorted. I expressed all my concerns about the Mirena and how I am only just starting to feel settled. She told me that it is completely normal, and if you stick with the Mirena it will all, hopefully, come together in the end.

I’ve also come to a personal conclusion that there is no contraception out there that’s going to completely help. Every body is different, which is why I strongly suggest using Moody. Since tracking my body, bleed and my emotions I can see how I can help myself with my symptoms as well as track my reactions to the Mirena.

How is everyone else getting on with the Mirena?


Hi lucy
Thank you for the update,

I myself use an app called clue which does the same thing, i only downloaded it to see how the mirena is working for me, and note everything happening,

Ive been on it for 13 months now, i know it takes a while for contraception to settle and for your body to get used to it, but for me it seems like things are getting worse and not better,

The only thing the mirena helped with was the period pain
But im constantly bleeding, im tired all the time, im having horrible acne that i never ever had before ( and i have dry skin)
As you read from my story, i only went on contraception to help with my bad periods i never expected this to happen, i know most women get moody and cranky but for me i think hormones affect me physically not emotionally,

Im having it removed next week so i have time to think about it, i am dreading the pain im going to be in but, i have another appointment with a specialist in july and i prefer to find the reason behind my bad periods than to cover the pain with hormones that are just not doing me any good :frowning: , thats what im thinking about now i might chicken out and change my mind last minute lol

You are right everyone is different, all my friends who have the mirena stopped thier period all together after 3 months,

Good luck with yours i am glad it is working for you, and please keep us updated


Thanks both.

Really great to see different experience of this issue. It really helps others to hear how contraception plays out differently for people.

Thanks for the info on the tracking apps.



Hello everyone
I hope you guys are having a great time and enjoying the summer,

Thought id update this thread again, as some changes happened.

So since the last time i updated this , i had my mirena coil removed
I must say the removal is nothing AT ALL like the insertion, its not painful at all, i was very nervous and expected the worst but it was fine.

I had it removed on the 6th of june i had very mild cramps that day nothing major
Then 2 days after which is the 8th, i got what i thought was my period, it was quiet heavy but not as painful as i thought it would be and lasted only 5 days 3 of those days the bleeding got much lighter,

But here is what happened next, i started getting cramps almost everyday :frowning: some of them were mild and some were severe but at that point no bleeding, but these cramps continued on until the 7th of july when i got my period again, this time it was more painful and lasted 6 days,

Up until yesterday i was fine but today the 18th im starting to get cramps again :confused:
So i dont know if i should expect a period soon? Or is my period already regulating and i will get it at the begining of next month?

I am going away on holiday from the 25th of this month until the 3rd of august im worried ill get my period during this time, but dont know what to do to delay it, if there is a way can you please advice?

Also 2 things i forgot to mentioned
1- when the doctor removed my coil she gave me the combined pill to try (its the maexeni, 150/30 mcg) but i havent tried it yet as i mentioned before in my posts im kinda trying to see how my body reacts to no hormones after being on contraception for a while,

2- the appointment i was meant to have with a specialist gyno has been postponed til the 29th of august :sweat:

Sorry for the long post, ill try to update in smaller portions next time,

Thank you for anyone reading and giving advice


Hello @reemisk

I think you must have gone on holiday by now and I am away myself at the moment - hence the slow reply.

It is great to get an update on your situation - but I am so sorry that you are still having problems.

To be honest, I just think that someone needs to give you some expert clinical time, take a proper history to document everything that has happened so far; do a thorough examination to check that everything looks normal and run all of the tests - an ultrasound scan, maybe take a sample of the lining of the womb etc.

Until then, I think it is really difficult to offer any useful information at all.

I am really hoping that all of this will be done during your appointment in August and I am really sorry that this has been delayed.

Many thanks



Thank you so much for the replay

I hope you enjoyed your time away.
I did not get my period yet, so hopefully it is getting back to being regular.

I will keep an update after my appointment, i will insist on having further tests.


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I did not updated this in so long i really do apologize, alot has happened and i just lost track

I hope everyone is doing good and keeping safe with all this covid madness,

I am updating this to help anyone going through the same issue as i did,

Basically i had my appointment in august 2019 and i was reffered to have an ultra sound and a laporoscopy ( finally right?)
The ultra sound showed nothing actually
However my laporoscopy that was done in February 2020 showed that i have endometriosis and it actually spread to part of my bowels as well so they had remove alot of tissue

It wasn’t pleasant to be honest, the recovery took so long and then corona virus hit and it was hard for me to follow up with my doctor regularly, i only had phone appointments then, and i was told that it’s something i have to live with, and if contraception did not work before, they might not work now as it sounds like i had a hormonal embalance plus the endo is not a great comibination,

I let myself recover slowly , but to be honest even the removal of the tissue did not help with the pain :frowning:

Just before christmas i decided to give it another try and get the combined pill, my doctor put me on a low dose ( the pill is called millinette) for 3 months to try it and see how it goes,
The first month it didnt change anything
However, the second month my period got way less and the pain got 70% less as well
I do need to see my doctor again though because i started having migranes and was told that it’s not a good sign (i think its just my luck these things just dont want to work for me)

My appointment with her is next week and that is the last update i have,

I am terribly sorry for the long post, i will try to update as soon as i can to avoid long posts

Of course any advice is much appriciated

Stay safe everyone x


Hello @reemisk

I am just really happy to hear that you have got some improvement with the pain.

Many thanks for the update and good to hear from you.

Many thanks