Bleeding on the hormonal coil (7 months so far)



Hi everyone,

I honestly think ive tried almost every method of contraception, all with varying side effects.

I was on the depo provera injection first, this isnt even available any more i dont think? Anyway i couldnt stay on it for very long due to the risks of osteoperosis and it made me gain a load of weight.

Then i was on the pill, mainly Rigevedon (spelling?) and actually got pregnant on that.

Then i got the implant, in my opinion, the worst of them all. I bled almost every day for the three years i had it in. My gp wouldnt take it out and prescribed me the pill to stop the bleeding. I eventually went to an NHS sexual health centre and they removed it. The removal took ages because it had embedded into my muscle (still gives me the creeps thinking about it), and ive got a big scar from it being taken out.

From there i went to the newer version of depo, cant remember the name. This one is self administered, and it was absolutely fine until i got a faulty syringe and no one could give me any solid advice on what to do because it was such a new drug. I also had the most vivid, ridiculous dreams on this too.

Right now im on a combination of the coil and Dianette, the pill being for my skin. Getting the coil was the worst pain of my life, i very nearly passed out. I did bleed for a while when i first got it but it did ease off, although i can still sometimes bleed after sex. I also cant feel my strings which worries me but my gp said its okay.

I can elaborate on any of these experiences if anyone needs advice!


Did you get the hormonal coil??
And when did you have it??

I know, the insertion was horrid, i never had pain inmy life where my hands and legs were shaking so much until i tried that, but the pain got better with time,
But how do you find it now,? Still bleeding?

And i completly understand with the implant i bled all the time i had to change it, it was too much


This thread is really about people’s experience of irregular and painful periods on the IUS and I don’t want to interfere…

But, Ive been trying to think about what clinical information might be helpful to people on this thread without getting in the way of people sharing their experiences.

One thing that I thought might be useful is to know what causes period pain - here I am talking about period pain that is not associated with anything abnormal like infection. Also, this is mainly about period pain and not really pain that is associated with bleeding that occurs at other times.

Period pain occurs when the muscular wall of the womb tightens (contracts). Mild contractions continually pass through your womb, but they’re usually so mild that most women can’t feel them.

During your period, the wall of the womb starts to contract more vigorously to encourage the womb lining to shed away - thats what your period is the shedding of the lining of the womb.

When the muscular wall of the womb contracts, it compresses the blood vessels lining your womb. This temporarily cuts off the blood supply – and hence oxygen supply – to your womb - thats a bit like the muscle cramp you get in your calves sometimes.

The lack of oxygen triggers the release of chemicals that trigger pain called prostoglandins. Some treatments block the production of these chemicals e.g. mefanamic acid - which is often used for period pain.

It’s not known why some women experience more period pain than others. It may be that some women have a build-up of prostaglandins, which means they experience stronger contractions.



Thank you for this info

What really surprises me is most gynos that ive been to never were actually concerned about my pain, i was told several times that it was normal and some women are different than others

Now reading that information i might actually go and demand an enternal examination, as the pain i feel (or felt without the contraception) was horrible i couldnt stand up or even sit at times
It would affect my stomach my back and my legs

I am not sure though why the mirena helped with the pain?
Maybe you can explain and enlighten me about that?


For me the mirena has been the best contraception decision I’ve made! I was on microgynon for 7 years but was fed up of periods and taking tablets - I was also concerned about absorbsion with IBS.
Without contraception my periods were irregular and heavy. It just wasn’t manageable.
I had mine inserted on the heaviest day of my period. It was very uncomfortable but - short term pain for long term gain! It made me gasp with pain and I’m normally quite good it!
Within 3 months my periods stopped. I had some periods and a little spotting (minimal) during that time that I managed with a mooncup. I did find my libido dropped then too. It seemed to settle quite well but then 2 years later started to bleed after sex and have some discomfort - after some ultrasounds and smear test etc they all came back clear and it just seemed to settle itself. Now I only have spotting every 4 months or so. I’m 3.5 years in and loving it.


We’re you ever tested for endometriosis?


Well tbh i the reason why i moved to the mirena is because 1- the implant did not work for me as i was bleeding more than bleeding with the mirena

2- everyone i know that has it made thier periods less or stop all together

3- it was reccommended by my gyno

And no,was not tested for endo , but my gyno ruled it out (without testing)
As she said that the symptoms i have do not match with those of endo symptoms


Hi @reemisk

The reason why the IUS reduces period pain is because it releases progestagen - a copy of your natural hormone progesterone.

Progestagens thin the lining of the womb so there is much less lining to shed.

So, I assume that if there is less lining to shed then there are fewer contractions to help shed it and therefore less cramp.

Hope helpful.



Hello @Salamander

I think it is really useful to raise the issue of endometriosis. We talked about it a little at the start of this thread but I think it is worth raising it again.

@reemisk - a scan to exclude it might be a helpful thing.

Just to remind everyone what endometriosis is. It happens when some of the tissue that normally makes up the lining of your womb starts to grow in a different place - e.g. on your ovaries or the outside of your womb.

What happens then is when you have your period then this tissue bleeds - releasing small amounts of blood into the abdominal cavity - which is painful and irritating for the tissues in your abdomen and cause scarring.

Endometriosis is difficult to diagnose from the story of your pain alone. But the most common pattern is that the pain mainly happens just before and during your period.

If endometriosis is a possibility then the next step is an ultrasound scan.

This is a really good leaflet on endometriosis:




I think i will have to go back to my doctor and discuss this,

When i was told that most likely i dont have endo was because;
(Before contraception) my leriods were regular, but were very painful
I would have pain about 5 days before starting my period and then when i have it for the first 3 days the pain is unbareable, then starts getting less by the time period finishes, would last 7 dats max

And also because i never had bleeding between periods or pain during sex

These were the main points that my gyno said that she excluded endo
Again there was no test done, but i might push for one


A bit late to this thread but this was all (weirdly) so self-actualizing to read!

I had the Mirena Coil fitted just before i turned 19 (nearly 2 years ago) as I’ve always had horribly painful and heavy periods, and for the first week or so didn’t experience any bleeding (as my period wasn’t due), but since my normal cycle started a month later I’ve had a constant period since - so have basically been bleeding since july 2017.

Since then my anaemia has obviously gotten worse and on top of that I have a heart condition (walking health mess, I know), so when approaching my GP for a solution I was a bit limited in options, but was prescribed the combined pill rigevedon to help regulate/limit the bleeding a bit. However, I haven’t actually begun the course of it because I’m worried about the risk of blood clots with my heart condition as well as the issue of double-dosing hormones into my system :sweat:

Speaking to other women in my family about their history/issues with contraceptives it seems like its the synthetic hormones that don’t agree with my body, so thought maybe the copper coil might be a reasonable solution?

If anyone else has found ways to deal with the constant bleeding/any advice on taking both the pill and having the coil I’d be very grateful to hear :pray:


Hello @Olivia_Metson

Many thanks for continuing this thread. I am reliant on other Mirena users to comment on ways to manage the bleeding - it would be good to know how @reemisk is getting on, for example, but I wanted to add a couple of clinical points.

First, I am also concerned about taking the combined pill with your heart condition. It would be worth checking with your GP that they considered the risk of whatever heart condition you have and checked the UK Medical Eligibility Criteria for that condition. Fine if they did - but just useful to check that they thought about it. There is no harm in checking.

But if you have no contraindications to the combined pill - that is - no risk from your heart condition or any other health problem that you might have then many people do use IUS and the combined pill together for a short time to see if their bleeding settles.

Second, the copper coil is likely to make your periods longer and heavier - so may not be a good option - although I am open to hearing the experience of others in this situation - the clinical evidence would suggest that this may not be the best option for you.

Over to everyone else in terms of experience - I just thought I would add in some clinical stuff. It would be useful to know if this is helpful at all.

Many thanks



Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it helps me alot to know that i am not the only one this is happening to.

So far i am still having longer periods, but the bleeding is getting lighter, to meduim bleeding, i am not sure if that is a good sign or not, but it used to be meduim to heavy
But as i said i really want to give it a chance til one year is done,

As i said before the reason i went on contraception was because my periods were heavy and so painful, so when i was researching and reading about contraception
The first one i ruled out was the copper coil as its said that it will make periods heavier and in my case more painful which is not what i want at all obviously,
Another option was reccomended for me was the injection, but in all honesty when i read about it, it just seems like it does the exsct same thing as the IUS, and it’s the same hormones
So if my case and yours is that the hormones are the issue then i do not think it’s the right option,

Of course you never know for sure until you try, but i highly doubt it’s gonna be any different from the IUS or the implant (that i tried before the IUS)

I will keep you updated IF anythinh changes, but so far it is the same length of period just lighter bleeding
Also thank you for the medical advice, when i was given the combined pill i was warned about blood clots, which scares me hence why i didnt take them yet as i am over weight