Can the coil help my joints


Hi recently had a coil fitted due to very heavy periods. I am 47 yrs old have been seeing significant changes in my cycle and general tiredness. My g.p did the usual checks and suggested the coil. I have suffered with a bad knee for about 10yrs and this is getting more painful and weaker year on year. My consultant said I will eventually need a knee cap replacement but wants me to put this off as long as possible due to my age. Since having the coil fitted i have found my mood and tiredness has improved greatly. The added benefit I have seen is I have less pain in my knee and lower back. My knee generally feels stronger, I feel I can walk further with less complications or aches/pain after. Can the hormone released have an impact on my joints and ligaments?


Hello @Mandy_Freegard

Many thanks for your question.

I have had a quick look at the research literature on this. Although I have not found anything yet that specifically talks about the effect of the hormone coil on joints, I have found a great deal of research on the relationship between hormones and joint pain. At the moment the data is little confusing and I need a bit more time to understand it. I will come back to you on this.

Many thanks