Can the hormonal coil help heavy periods?


I wonder if anyone is in the same situation as me and could give me some advice?
I’ve experienced very heavy periods with the non-hormonal coil - they were regular but a bit longer than I’d like, and heavier and way more painful, I was regularly having to work at home. As I have heavy periods anyway, will the hormone coil be any better, is it worth switching? Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, well it helped calm mine down. I now have regular bleeds that are so much lighter and shorter than when I had my copper coil. The first few months are a bit random but you settle down after a while. It was worth it to me :slight_smile: good luck.


I had periods for about 3 months once I switched to the coil. Each time they were lighter. Without contraception my periods were heavy and I always felt awful when my period happened. I’ve been on it for 3.5 years now and don’t have any periods just very occasional spotting.