Can the injection be reversible?


If I have the injection is there any way to reverse it if I get bad side effects? Or do I just have to ride it out? I’m a bit nervous…


There is no way to reverse it once you’ve had it, but it wears off after three months. I’d suggest really informing yourself about potential side effects before trying, I kept bleeding/spotting for three months and it was awful :frowning:


I’m thinking about going on the injection. I’ve heard that sometimes you get bleeding at first but then your periods stop. I’m not sure how i feel about having no periods, but i sometimes forget my pill so the injection might be easier. Anyone tried the injection?


Hey! just saw this one Bin the pills - go for the injection - someone sharing their experience of the injection if you are still interested


With all types of contraception side effects such as irregular bleeding are more common in the first 3 months of using it…with the injection about 70% of women stop getting periods within a year of use. Fertility will return once you stop getting the injections but with the injection it can take a little while. If you were planning on getting pregnant in the not too distant future a method such as implant or coil might be better…
Often women are concerned about not getting a monthly period. We know that this is safe as, due to the contraception, the lining of the womb does not built up and need to be shed. It’s all down to personal choice though…


Thanks. I think i’m going to try it - definitely not planning to get pregnant any time soon!