Can't reach orgasm while on pill


@Dr_Paula So the subject is kind of very private,but I really need some advice…
I’m using Yasmin pill for about 4 months already and I like the plusses it gives - better skin, regular periods, no campings during periods etc.
But the worst part is that sex drive has been effected, even though I still want to have sex and enjoy it I can’t reach the finish point anymore…
The next I was planning to switch to nuvaring and see how it effects me.

I just wanted to know which contraception usually effects the sex drive the least?

Gedarel 30/150 and side effects

Hello @Sisi

Many thanks for your question. I have looked at the literature a little on this and I can only find research on the effect of pill on libido - which is more overall sex drive than ability to have an orgasm.

Yasmin is a combined pill.

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care guidance on libido and the pill says:

A review of the evidence that included 36 different studies found that COC users reported an increase in sexual desire in 15 studies and no impact on sexual desire in 12 studies. Decreased sexual desire was
reported in nine studies.

A study of 80 women using Yasmin found that compared to barrier methods women using Yasmin reported lower desire and arousal scores.

So all this suggests an association.

There is very little research on the progestagen only pill and libido.

So you could think about switching to a non-hormonal method like the coil or to a different type of combined pill or a progestagen only pill. It is really a process of trial and error.

Hope helpful