Cerazette help



Hello, I am on cerazette pill and have been for almost two years. I take it religiously at 8 am , today I slept though my alarm by accident and took it an hour late at around 9.20 am.

I use this as my only form of contraception as I’m in a long term relationship, am I still covered by the pill even though I took it an hour late?

Also, sometimes I worry that the pill has not worked or some reason and that I will get pregnant. Im 20 and it feels silly to have these fears, do you have any information that can set my mind at ease and help me trust the pill more, as when I was initially went on it it was not explained how it worked ext… I take it at the exact same time every single day so surely the odds would be slim to none but I still worry.

Thankyou for your help in advance


Hello @Hunter123

It is completely normal to be concerned. Having said that, the Cerazette pill should be effective as long as you take it within 12 hours of the time that you normally take it every day.

Hope helpful.