Cerelle (75 Desogestrel) Effect on Anxiety Level each month



Hello I really hope someone could please help in relation to my situation.

I think I have always suffered from PMS mainly around increased anxiety levels and crying a lot (for no real reason!) but having recently started University I started to use the contraceptive patch but that seemed to make my anxiety levels worse. I then tried the combined pill, but things still seemed bad…I also recently then tried to have a coil fitted put this couldn’t be done. I have now been told to switch to Cerelle (75 Desogestrel) mini pill but reading to information sheet it mentions 1 in 10 will suffer depression so this has worried me.

My question are :

Will taking Cerelle make my anxiety worst?

I also read in some cases it might stop my period which I think is great does will then stop any PMS or anxiety or would I still suffer from it ?

Could taking Cerelle reduce my anxiety levels each month?

Sorry for the long list of questions but just don’t know which was to turn and I am scared.

Would appreciate and comments and thank you very much for your time