Cerelle Mini Pill


Iv been taking the mini Pill since the 2nd of July. The same time at 8:05 every morning religiously! I did date a guy on the 7th of july, we didnt actually have sex but we had some foreplay. I came onto my period in july after as normal. In august I had my period on the same day as july as expected and after my period I have experienced some vaginal bleeding not heavy enough for a period. I was extremly paroinod that I thought I was pregnant because of this, so even though it would seem impossible to be. I did a couple of tests and both said they were negative.
Do you think I should continue on this pill or go onto the compinded pill?


Hello @becky

Thats a really good question. Irregular bleeding is common on the progestagen only pill. There is quite a lot of discussion about it here. Mini pill 10 day period

It is always worth excluding other causes of bleeding before you put it down to the pill - infection, pregnancy (I think you have excluded that) and make sure you are up to date with your smears.

If all of those things are negative then I think it is really a case of how much is this bothering you. The combined pill gives good cycle control. You can read more about its pros and cons here https://sh24.org.uk/contraception/combined-pill.

What do you think are the pros and cons for you of the two methods?

Many thanks