Chance of pregnancy after having sex two weeks after starting the pill?


Hi there @Dr_Paula & @DrRachel

My girlfriend started the pill on the 7th of April on the 2nd day of her period, As directed by the doctor we waited 5 days until having sex. We actually had sex on the 16th of April and I ejaculated in her. By this point we should have been protected. We also had sex a few days ago.

My question is, Is there any chance of pregnancy? She’s said she feels sick, ill and really tired? All of which are symptoms of both the pill and pregnancy? She did have one day of increased urination at a family event however she said that was because she was nervous and anxious. This hasn’t; happened again. We’ve taken one early pregnancy detection test and this has come back negative. We’re going to do another in 1 week’s time. Most sources site to wait around 10 - 12 days for the urine to show signs of pregnancy so if we do one in one week’s time that will be 14 days.

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Hello eteb97

Many thanks for your question.

If your girlfriend started the pill on the second day of her period then she should have been covered for contraception from that day.

If she took the pill every day after that then it should be more than 99% effective.

So the risk of pregnancy sounds very low indeed.

I think the best thing is not to worry too much at this stage and to check another pregnancy test in 1 weeks time as planned.

The other thing is that the pill itself - as you point out - can also cause nausea. This is something to keep an eye on - it often gets better with time but if it persists then you might wish to discuss an alternative method that does not contain the hormone oestrogen which tends to be the one that is associated with nausea.

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Hi @Dr_Paula,

thanks for your response,

She is on the POP pill as she was not taking a liking to the estrogen one,

She feels a tiny bit better at the moment however we will both feel more confident if the test is negative as we’re worried,

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Hello @eteb97

Many thanks for letting me know. Hope it goes well.