Chances of pregnancy at 6th dy of cycle


Last periods as follows ave of 4 days per period
Dec 17 2019
Nov 19 - 28 day cycle
Oct 25 - 25 day cycle
Sept 29 - 26 day cycle
Sept 3- 26 day cye
Aug 7 - 27 day cycle

Average of 26 day cycle

Withdrawal sex Dec 22. 6th day of cycle… (dec 28 estimated ovulation day)

Used emergency contraception soon after sex like a few minutes after the act and took another dose 12hrs after the first ecp set…

What are my chances of pregnancy? Very minimal / low risk?

I am 44 years old by the way and guy is 50



Hello, many thanks for your question.

Since you are talking about sex on day 6 - i.e. early in your cycle, it might be sensible to assume that this is going to be one of your shorter cycles - i.e. 25 days - that means assuming the worst case scenario.

If you had sex using withdrawal on day 6 then the earliest that you are likely to have ovulated is day 11 (assuming a 25 day cycle).

The longest that sperm can survive in the reproductive tract is probably 7 days. So it is theoretically possible that if some sperm entered the reproductive tract, despite the withdrawal on day 6 and that they could have survived until day 11.

If this is a 28 day cycle then you would not have ovulated until day 14 and by then it is likely that there would be no sperm surviving.

The emergency contraception works by delaying ovulation - so this would reduce the risk further.

So, your risk must be very low.

A pregnancy test 21 days later, that is, now, would confirm this.

Hope helpful.