Changes after long term pill use



Im 25 now but been on the pill since I was 15. Cilest, rigedivon and one of the origional acne combined pills weren’t great for me for various side effects and the implant gave me constant bleeding until it was removed. However I was put on Gederal 30/150 and it was a dream pill for over 5 years until the last six months.
Recently ive experience pelvic pain, dryness, lowered sex drive, bleeding after sex as well as swelling making me unable to have sex or use tampons for a week or I have a lot of pain.
No sti’s checked for infections even been checked for endometriosis and all came back negative and Im stuck for where to go next. Is the ring a realistic option or is there a more suitable pill ? Is it normal to have new side effects after such a long time on the same pill? @Dr_Paula


Hello @Riri

Many thanks for your question.

Theoretically you should not experience new symptoms after being on the same pill for a long time but lots of people do.

There is a thread on the pill and pain during sex here that talks about some of the types of symptoms that you are experiencing The Pill and Pain During Sex

As you symptoms sound like they are causing you real problems stopping the pill for a short while would at least help you to work out whether this is the pill or not.

It might be helpful to use a barrier method such as condoms so that you can see how you feel without hormones for a short while, but if this does not sound like the right option then changing to the vaginal ring is certainly possible. This is an effective contraceptive option and would certainly be worth a try.

From what you say it sounds like you have been seen in a sexual health clinic already - this seems important to exclude obvious causes of pain such as thrush infections so if you have not already been to your local clinic then it might be a good idea to do this.

Finding your next contraceptive method is likely to be a process of trial and error. I hope it goes well and do please update this thread as you learn about what suits you.

Many thanks