Changing Pills



So I started on Rigevidon in 2013 until recently we found out about a faulty gene in the family & I was put on Cerazette in November as a precaution until I had my blood test. Luckily my results have came back & I haven’t got the faulty gene :innocent:

I rang up the doctors & asked to go back onto my old pill as I don’t have the faulty gene but they can’t do me a prescription until they’ve got my results. I was told my results 3 weeks ago over the phone due to COVID & still waiting for them to come through the post.

I was wondering whether I would be alright to stop taking Cerazette & just wait for my results to come so I can go back onto my old pill.

5 months in on Cerazette & I’m still bleeding everyday & I’m just getting fed up of it :pensive: