Chemicals in condoms?


Hello, I’m trying to cut chemicals out of my life, especially in things that I eat, put on my skin or…go inside me lol. I use Durex now, does anyone know what chemicals are in them or in the lube that’s on them? Are there any other more ‘natural’ condom brands that anyone would recommend that are just as good? thanks!


Hi @Kat87, most condoms are made of latex rubber which is a natural substance. Some are lubricated with a water-based lubricant and others are lubricated with the spermicide - nonoxynol 9. There is no evidence to suggest that condoms with spermicide are more effective at preventing pregnancy, so using condoms without spermicide is one way to reduce the number of chemicals that you are exposed to.


which is the best brand to use? or is it the CE mark which is most important?


Hi Chris
You are right that the CE mark - which indicates that the condom conforms to EU health and safety and environmental protection standards - is really important. You should only use condoms that are CE marked. Condoms sold in the UK should also carry the ‘kitemark’. I just tried to add pictures of both marks but failed - you probably have seen them many times but if you want to check what they look like they are easy to find on google. In terms of brand - this is really personal preference. Condoms vary in terms of their shapes, sizes, colours, flavours. Some are made of latex and others made of other materials such as polyisopropene. Condoms are also lubricated with different substances - some with spermicide and some not (often silicone). There is no evidence that condoms that are lubricated with spermicide are better at preventing pregnancy and they may cause irritation. You can see the full range of condom brands with descriptions at any of the online condom stores.
Thanks for posting the question.


Hi @Dr_Paula, I managed to upload the images. The one on the left is the British Kite Mark. Hope these help!



Many thanks @O.C
Since writing the last post I have been looking for condom manufacturers who offer variety packs so that you can find out what size and shape and material works for you. In fact this has proved very difficult. Although manufacturers tend to offer varieties of flavours and textures in one pack very few offer variety of sizes and shapes. This seems a bit outrageous to me as you would need to buy many packs to find out the size that fitted you - or go to a sexual health service where they will probably have a variety. We did, however, find a few options. We found that ‘British Condoms’ does some trial packs for example a variety of small condoms or a variety of large condoms or a variety of non-latex condoms. Does anyone know of any other trial packs - especially ones that offer different shapes and sizes?