Chlamydia - Ongoing symptoms after doxycycline course


Hi @Dr_Paula
A partner was diagnosed with Chlamydia and I started getting burning at the tip of my penis and leakage so I took a course of doxyclycline. I finished over a week ago but i still have mild burning and small leakage. Do i need to take another course?


Hello @Mpower777

Many thanks for your question.

The answer depends on some of the following things:

Did you do a test before you took the treatment? It is possible that you have another infection like gonorrhoea?
Did you take the full course of treatment?
Did you have sex during the time that you were taking the treatment - this could result in reinfection.

Sometimes it just takes a couple or weeks for the symptoms to settle down, so if you did a test that diagnosed chlamydia only and took the full course of treatment and did not have sex while taking the treatment then maybe monitor the symptoms. You can do a test of cure, (a second test to make sure that the infection has gone) but not until 6 weeks after treatment.

If you missed some treatment doses or had sex during treatment then you should go to a clinic for re-treatment.

Hope helpful.



Thank you
I took another test but it sounds like that it’s too early as I had only finished the course a week before. I took a full course and refrained from sex.