Chlamydia Results


@Dr_Paula I got an still test after my last partner and it was clear. I then started seeing someone after this & I haven’t been with anyone else apart from him. I then got tested again which was positive for Chlamydia. He has been sleeping with other people & 2 if them got tested & their results came back as negative. He is now blaming me on skeeping with someone else and passing the infection on as the other 2 people are clear. Can you have sex with someone and not pass Chlamydia on?


Hello @Seanmc

Many thanks for your question. Yes absolutely you can have sex with someone and not pass chlamydia on. I think in most studies when someone is diagnosed with chlamydia about 60-70% of their partners will also have chlamydia.

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@Dr_Paula I had previously posted. I had been tested a year ago & was clear. I have only been with 1 person since then but he was sleeping with 2 other people. Him & the other 2 he was sleeping with have came back negative & I’ve tested positive. Can you tell me how this is possible?

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Hello @Seanmc

It is possible that your partner had the infection but cleared it without treatment. Please remember it is very difficult to work out who gave a sexually transmitted infection to whom because:

  1. They often cause no symptoms
  2. If you have sex with someone with a sexually transmitted infection you do not always catch the infection
  3. You can get the infection and clear it without treatment
  4. No test is 100% correct

It makes sense to get treated for the chlamydia infection and re-test after this to make sure it has gone.

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@Dr_Paula because im the only 1 who tested positive out of the 4 of us, I’m being accused of cheating even though I was negative before I was with my partner.