Hi there - I have recently found out someone I’ve been seeing lied to me about a recent test they said they had done which turned out to be from last year and upon doing a new test they have tested positive for chlamydia.

Recently for the past few weeks I have had horrendous itching on the vulva and inside my vagina, creamy white substance with a foul smell and now I have a slight burning sensation when peeing. At first I just thought this was BV again so I had over the counter treatment for that but the symptoms have still persisted nevertheless so I fear I may have chlamydia now.

I ordered my SH24 test on Thursday so I’m hoping to get it soon and as I’m working from home I have no time to go to clinic to get checked.

If the test eventually comes back as positive how do I get treatment? Do you think this is chlamydia?

Thank you!


Hello @lore

Many thanks for your question. It is really hard to tell whether you have chlamydia from symptoms - most people have no symptoms at all with chlamydia infection - so testing is the right thing to do.

Itching is much more likely to be associated with thrush or allergy. You will know the symptoms of BV as you have had it before - usually a discharge that smells bad but no other symptoms.

If you are uncomfortable and need to go to your GP then you should definitely call them and find out what the arrangements are for making an appointment. I can’t really give you individual advice on this forum - just point you in the right direction and encourage you to talk to your doctor or clinic if you are uncomfortable.

If your chlamydia test is positive then we can post treatment to you.

Hope things improve.



Do you know how much the treatment costs if the test comes back positive? Also would the treatment just be sent automatically or would you opt in?


Depends on which area you live in, in most areas where you test through SH:24 we automatically offer chlamydia treatment, but in some areas they prefer you to go to your local sexual health clinic.

Many thanks