Chlymydia affecting mood


Hi, I recently took a home testing kit from you guys! My chlymydia result came back positive which I totally was not expecting! This was my first ever sti test and i only took it as a new partner asked me would i before having sex. I’m currently taking doxycycline and have extreme fear this isnt going to work!. I had no symptoms at all so I’m not sure how long this has been there for! If chlymydia has been there for a while will antibiotics cure it? Or is it only if its caught early? I’m so emotionally drained over this I feel dirty and betrayed and frustrated! I havent told anyone about this because I’m afraid will they look at me differently I need some advice and help I dont know what to do! I’ve been googling everything and making things worse thankyou in advance I look forward to your reply @Dr_Paula


Hello @Anonymous01

Many thanks for your question. Chlamydia is a very common infection indeed - possibly 3-4% of the population have it and it usually causes no symptoms so it is hard to know that you carry it unless you test. The antibiotics are over 95% effective at curing it and you can always do a test of cure 6 weeks after completing treatment. Please don’t test sooner as your old infection may still show up. Please do not be concerned about the chlamydia. With treatment most people experience no long term effects at all.

Hope helpful



Thankyou I appreciate your feedback this has settled some fears! I’ll test again in 6 weeks! When I retest will I have to prick my finger again? I was negative for hiv, ghonorea and syphilis? Is there just a vaginal swab test or will I have to test for them all? I look forward to your reply @Dr_Paula


Hello, you can just do the swab/urine test. You do not need to repeat the blood tes.

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Thankyou do I just write a note explaining this or can I order just a swab?? @Dr_Paula


Hello, it depends on what is commissioned in your area. It should be possible to just order the swab or if we send you the whole kit to just send back the swab. Many thanks, Paula