Chymadia test


@Dr_Paula Good morning,

I recently done a STI test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. The result for Chlamydia came back positive. I’m just abit confused because ive only had 1 sexual partner for over a year now and he did a test the same time as me and his results came back as negative for everything. So if i have it how come he doesn’t? Will he need treatment as well eventhough his results came back as negative?

Thank you.
Kayleigh Ratcliffe.


Hello @Kayleigh

Chlamydia is a strange bacteria - it can hang around in the genital tract for many years and not cause any symptoms. You can also catch it and clear the infection without treatment.

So there are some possible explanations for your situation:

  1. One of the tests was wrong - the tests for chlamydia are extremely sensitive but no test in the world is 100%.
  2. You both had the infection and one of you cleared it spontaneously.
  3. About 70% of the partners of people with chlamydia also have chlamydia so it is also possible that your partner never had it.

Whatever the explanation, chlamydia is easy to treat and common practice is to treat both partners at the same time then we know that they are both clear.

Hope helpful.