Coil makes me feel looser


I got my coil fitted about 8 months ago… I’m getting period pains on and off a lot during and not during my period! I’m also feel a lot less tight down there ‘sorry too much info!’. I’ve been trying to find others in similar situations but I haven’t found anything… I’m worried if I’m cramping a lot that the contractions are maybe what’s making me feel like this? My lifestyle is the same and I’m only 22 but feel like an old lady :frowning: any help would be useful thanks! X


Hello @Izobel

Many thanks for sharing this. From a clinical point of view I can’t think of why having a coil would make your vaginal muscles less tight, but you can strengthen your vaginal muscles and improve their tone at any time of your life through pelvic floor excercises. I agree - worth knowing if anyone else is experiencing this.

It does seem like your coil is giving you quite a lot of discomfort during and between your periods. You have had it in for 8 months so thats plenty of time for it to settle down. Do you want to re-think your contraception?

Many thanks