Combination pill


Hi i have a question. I took the combined pill at 7am yesterday morning and had sex at around 3am this morning and then took the combined pill at 9.30am this morning. Would i be at risk of pregnancy? Many thanks in advance


Hello @Nic

To have a missed pill on the combined pill you need to take it 12 hours late. It sounds like you took yours about 2.5 hours late - so this is not a missed pill and will not have an impact on contraceptive effectiveness.

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@Dr_Paula thank you very much.

So if i am taking my pill daily. But is it ok to have sex before taking my pill that is due for that day. For example if i took my pill the day before and then had sex the next day before taking ny pill for that day?


Hello @Nic

If you are taking your pill every day as prescribed then you should be covered for contraception no matter what time you have sex.

Many thanks, Paula


@Dr_Paula thank you so much for your time.

Another question im at the end of my first pill pack on the combination pill which i just started this month. But i took my last pill today before my 7 day break but i got slight bleeding which seem to be break through bleeding. Is this normal?
Many thanks


Hello @Nic

Many thanks for your question.

It is not unusual to get break through bleeding in the first few packets of the pill and what you describe could be break through bleeding.

Having said that we always advise people with irregular bleeding on the pill just to think about other causes e.g. and consider doing a pregnancy test, an infection screen and if they are old enough to have a smear test to make sure that they are up to date with their smears.

Many thanks, Paula