Combined Pill - Changing When Period Starts



I have been on the combined pill for over six years now.

At the moment, my last pill is on a Tuesday and my period starts on a Friday. This sounds horribly pathetic, but I am fed up of my period falling over a weekend every month, especially as I love weekend city breaks.

Is there a safe way to permanently change when my period falls, e.g. so that it starts on a Monday? I was thinking of delaying re-starting my next pack by a few days to attempt this. How long would I be unprotected for? @Dr_Paula

Thank you!


Hello @ipm20

Many thanks for your question.

Yes of course - with the combined pill you should be able to control when you bleed.

If you want to stop having periods at all then check out the new guidance on how to take the pill continuously here New safe ways to take the combined pill (and bleed less often!)

If you want to keep having a regular bleed then you can change the timing of the bleed like this. When you get to the end of your next pill packet then go straight onto the next packet and take as many extra pills (one a day obviously) that you need to in order to shift the week that you bleed.

In your case you may take your last pill of the packet on the tuesday and then continue taking the pills from your next packet without having your break until the following monday and then stop for your seven day break, re-starting the pill on the following monday. In this way you will shift your bleed to mid week.

The only important thing is not to go for more than 7 days without a pill otherwise you will reduce its effectiveness.

Does this make sense? Let me know if not.