Coming off the pill (Desogestrel)


Hello. I’ve just gone back on the pill after a break of around 2-3 years. The problem is that I wake up with a headache every morning and also, the last week or so, I’ve been experiencing some really down moments. There is no other explanation for those other than restarting the pill. I’d like to come off it immediately but I want to know if I’m covered. The last time I had intercourse with the guy I’ve been seeing was nearly two weeks ago and although we use condoms as well, I don’t want to get myself into the wrong situation. I don’t think another pill is an option as they all did similar things and I don’t want to go through the emotional hell of all this again. @Dr_Paula


Hello @Betty
If the last time you had sex was 2 weeks ago then it is fine to stop the pill. Then the contraceptive effect will wear off within 24 hours of stopping it.
Many thanks