I have had irregular periods since the age of 14 now being 21 me and my partner are starting to consider having a baby. My last period was 5 months ago. I generally have between 2-6 in the space of a year. I’ve never had any form of contraception before and it has been suggested that this may be the best way to regulate my cycle? Any suggested as to what method would be best?

Oh I am also a serve migraine sufferer.

Thanks for any help in advance


Hello @Nik97
Many thanks for your question.

With reference to the pill regulating your cycle - it just appears to regulate your cycle by giving you an artificial period every three weeks whenever you take the 7 day break. It doesn’t cause regular ovulation - in fact it does the opposite - it stops ovulation.

With reference to irregular periods. It is probably a good idea to discuss this with your GP. They will ask about lifestyle and discuss other factors that might contribute to irregular periods and work out, with you, what might be helpful at this stage. For example, if you are over or under weight then this can have an impact on your periods.

There is lots of good advice available on planning a pregnancy and assessment for sub fertility here

But, to be honest, you will not know if you have any difficulty conceiving until you try for a baby. The normal situation is to try and if you have not conceived within one year then your GP will start tests.

Do please let me know whether this is helpful or not and whether there is further information that you need.

Many thanks