Contraception & hormone replacement therapy for trans


@Dr_Paula Hi, I’m a trans woman who has not had lower surgery (and isn’t going to) and my partner is non-binary afab (assigned female at birth). We are both on hormone replacement therapy but my partner still gets their period sometimes, but it’s very irregular. My question is, can they still get pregnant and do we need to use some sort of contraception to protect against this? If so, what options do you recommend?
Will it interfere with their hormonal therapy? Thanks, Dani


Hi @dani

I’m a trans man and I use the hormonal coil, it’s worked fine for me but I haven’t found any information about long-term effects or if it intereferes with T - would be interested to hear the response to this.
Your partner can’t use the combined pill bc that has oestrogen in it so will mess with their hormones. I’d go to a clinic to get some advice if you can. Max