Contraceptive choices for transgender and non-binary people


We are running an Instagram discussion today on contraception for transgender and non-binary people so I thought this was a good moment to summarise the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care guidance on this topic.

Here are some key points in case they are useful for the discussion.

Contraception is recommended for trans men and non-binary (assigned female) people if they have not undergone surgery to remove the womb or ovaries, they are having vaginal sex with a risk of pregnancy and they do not wish to become pregnant.

A trans man or non-binary person who is using testosterone therapy should be counselled that testosterone therapy does not provide reliable contraception and that testosterone therapy can affect a foetus (masculinisation of a female foetus).

Copper coils are safe to use and do not interfere with hormone therapies but can be associated with unacceptable bleeding patterns.

Progestogen only methods (pills, implants, hormone coil, injectables) are not thought to interfere with hormone therapies and some (particularly injectables and the hormone coil) may be associated with the added benefit of stopping menstrual bleeding.

Combined methods that contain oestrogen and progestogen can counteract the effects of testosterone.

Hope helpful - I am sure there will be additional questions that come up from the Instagram story.