Contraceptive Implant gone missing



I have had my contraceptive implant in for almost 3 years now. After having it for 18 months or so I chose to get it remove as it was causing me a few problems, such as acne and extremely frequent peirods.

When I went to have it removed, the doctor was unable to locate it. So I was sent for an ultrasounds, which was confirm that it was in embedded in to my muscle. After this I was sent again for another to check it was in the muscle and whether it could be removed there and then. It was confirmed it was in the muscle but it was too close to some nerves so he was unable to remove it there and then. I was then referred to the hospital to get it removed under general anesthesia. They did another ultrasound when I was under and he explained he couldn’t see it but decided to continue with the procedure but still couldn’t locate it. I am now told I need an mri scan to find it, I’m just worried where it may have travel too? How long the hormones last? The health risk it may cause? And If anyone has experienced anything similar?


Hello @Frankie1

I am so sorry to hear this - it sounds like you have had a terrible time. You definitely need expert advice from someone who is trained in and has a lot of experience of deep implant removal. Can I check whether you have been seen by a consultant in sexual and reproductive health who offers specialist services in deep implant removal? If not, I can probably help find the expert in your local area.

In answer to your question about how long the hormones last. They are likely to last longer than 3 years. You can have a blood test to find if you still have implant hormones in your blood stream. But in general it is recommended to get the implant removed.

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Thanks for getting back to me, Yea I’ve been seen by my gp a few times and the sexual health service who specialises in deep implant removals. It just seems to have disappeared, just worried about the next steps really and I wanting the hormones to end. I guess they don’t know for sure but are the hormones likely to last a lot longer than 3 years?


Hello @Frankie1

We don’t know exactly how long the hormones last as we usually remove implants at 3 years, but the evidence suggests that the implant can continue to give out hormones for some time.

Looking at the guidance it recommends that if the implant cannot be seen on ultrasound then MRI is the next step. The implant has a substance in it that makes it fairly easy to see on X-ray or MRI - just for this reason. The MRI is a fairly straightforward procedure - not invasive - and it would at least tell you where it is, which seems important. From what you have written I think you would feel much more comfortable knowing where it is. You can then make a plan with your expert provider on how to get it removed.

It is worth also mentioning for others reading this post that this is an important but very rare thing to happen with the implant.

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Thank you for that. Yea you’re right once I know where it is, I’ll feel alot better and just having a bit more info so I’m prepared and gives me a bit more clarity of the situation.

Yea I have had the implant before and I didn’t have problems with the removal of that one.

Thanks again, really appreciate it