Copper Coil No Period



I had my copper coil fitted in april and at the time i was told by my doctor to finish the last 2 weeks of my pill before stoppjng all together. Once i did i came on my period as normal. However i then had a random 2nd period and this lasted almost 3 weeks. Since my last period end of april i have not had a period since. I do however have cramping pains and period like symptoms but no bleed. Every forum i look at always says the same that the copper coil shouldnt stop your periods and i wanted to see if anyone else experienced a similar thing. I have been on a combined pill for 8 years prior to that i had no problem with my periods (15-20 years of age) but the doctor says it cannot be the coil as there is no hormones. ‘

Removal of Copper Coil

Hello @GG91

Someone else did ask a similar question recently - Is it normal to miss periods with an IDU?

The only thing that I can think of is that your cycle might have changed some time ago so that your periods became infrequent or irregular but you did not notice this because the pill gives you an artificial period (withdrawal bleed) and that now you have switched from the pill then you are noticing that your periods are irregular.

This is an explanation that it might be useful to discuss with your doctor.

Many thanks