Copper coil, not getting periods


I had a copper coil fitted in January 2020, the first couple months I had a period and cramping as expected, it was a big more than I usually get. I had been on cielest previously on and off for 15 years, stopped taking it when had children. My doctor stopped giving me the pill about 4 years ago, my cycle is usually regular and only lasts for about 3 days as well as it being pretty light as well, now I’ve had the coil fitted, the last 2 periods have been pretty much non existent, as we are in the middle of this Covid 19, I can’t get an appointment to get things checked. Any advice you can give would be great thanks



Many thanks for your question. First, just to get this question out of the way is it definitely the copper coil that you had fitted?

It is unusual for the copper coil to reduce your periods.

Your periods might stop or become irregular or shorter or lighter for another reason and you may not have noticed this if you were on the pill or having children.

I suppose the most important thing to check at this time is a pregnancy test.

It would be very reassuring if you could check your coil threads. I would also call your clinic and see whether they would check your coil for you if at all possible.

Hope helpful.



Hi, thank you for replying so quickly, definitely not pregnant, I’m nearly 38, I stopped taking the pill when I was about 35, my doctor didn’t want me to continue taking it as my husband had the snip, since then we have separated and I’m in a new relationship and that’s why I had a coil fitted, and it’s definitely the copper one, I did possibly wonder if it could be early menopause


Hello @Nik

Thanks for your response. 35 would be very early indeed for menopause. When the Covid 19 lockdown is eased it might be worth getting some hormone level checks done by your GP.

Many thanks