Copper coil




I recently had the Copper coil - 10 year one inserted. How long after it has been inserted is it adviced before using a tampon or having sex.

Thanks Shaz x


Hi @Shaz

You can use a tampon anytime after having an IUD fitting.

You can have sex anytime too. But in terms of relying on it for contraception - different doctors have different policies. Some say that the coil is highly likely to be in the correct place and will therefore provide contraceptive cover immediately. Others prefer you to wait for the 6 week check before you rely on it for contraception - just to make sure that the coil is in the correct place after your first period.

I think either is fine - depends on the doctor - what did they advise you at the clinic?

Many thanks



All she said was to wait until after my next period to check if it feels in place myself she didn’t say I had to come back for any check up or anything like that. I’m not due on for another 2 weeks will it be ok to use a tampon by then? Or is it worth not risking it?

Shaz x


Hello @Sxx

Fine to use a tampon in 2 weeks (or any time).

In my clinic we usually invite people to come back for a coil check at 6 weeks after the fitting. If you feel unsure in any way I would go back to your clinic - e.g. if you are having trouble feeling your threads.

But if you are happy that you can feel your threads then that would indicate that the coil is in the correct place and that you can use it for contraception.