Copper IUD




I have always suffered from very heavy, painful periods and they have got worse into my later 20s. I am really keen to avoid any hormonal contraceptives as I have tried many and have not got on with them. I don’t want a hormonal IUD and really like the idea of the copper one.
My question is, does the IUD make a heavy period heavier or will they stay the same? I have got used to managing my periods with regular bathroom trips and painkillers, so it wouldn’t bother me if they stayed the same but I might end up missing work if they got much worse.

Hope you can help.



Hello @Martha19

Many thanks for your question. Yes, it is common for periods to be heavier and slightly longer after a copper coil is fitted.

This is certainly true for the first 6 months. There is some evidence to suggest that bleeding may improve after that.

Many thanks