Copper or Jaydess coil



I am hoping to get some advice / hear others experiences!
I’m thinking of having either an iud or ius fitted, however I’m unsure which one.
I have been on both the mini pill and combined, and the mini pill was awful. It caused me extreme fatigue, low mood and some break out. The combined pill was okay but caused break through bleeding.

The effects of the mini pill mean I’m hesitant to try hormonal contraception again but have heard Jaydess is okay, my main worry with Jaydess is acne, as I struggled with my skin in early teens. I like the sound of the copper coil but my periods are slightly heavy and I’m worried about the bleeding.

I’m also worried because I have an appointment on Tuesday and plans this weekend meaning I really don’t want the fitting to trigger a period, does anyone have experience with this?

Thanks (and thank you to anyone who read all that haha)


Hi @Lily
I can give the clinical advice - but as you say, the experience of others would also be really helpful. The clinical advice that I give is based on the experience of thousands of women - but as we know on this forum - everyone’s experience with contraception is different - so individual views are really important.

It sounds like there are few decisions that you are looking to make:

  1. copper IUD or hormonal IUD and
  2. if you go for the hormonal IUS do you go for a 52 mg IUS (like Mirena) or a 13.5 mg IUS (like Jaydess)

Things to think about are the different bleeding profiles - usually a regular period with the IUD but a bit longer and heavier - particularly in the first 3-6 months… Mirena may be associated with a lot of irregular bleeding in the first 6 months but then reduces significantly and most people have very few, light or no periods after that. The bleeding pattern with Jaydess is similar but there is a lower risk of stopping your periods all together.

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Guidance says that the side effect profile of both Jaydess and Mirena are similar in terms of risk of acne, breast tenderness and headache between and that these often settle with time. As you will know, most of the hormone acts locally in the womb but a little does circulate around your body - less than in the progestogen only pill (minipill).

So, your dilemma is that the hormone coils are likely to make your periods better - although they may give you irregular bleeding in the first 6 months - but they carry a small risk of making your acne worse. The copper coils may make your periods slightly heavier but will have no effect on your acne. I cannot guarantee that having a coil fitted on tuesday will not mess up your plans for Sunday - its just so unpredictable.

I think the other thing to think about is that you can change. If you try the hormone coil and don’t like it then you can change it for a copper coil.

The final thing to consider is that the combined pill probably made your periods better and your skin better - you can sometimes sort out the break through bleeding by trying a different type - see the post on how to choose your combined pill here

I would be really interested to know what others think.

If you are happy to share then do let me know how you get on.