Delayed Results


It’s been 2 days since the 72 hours expired and I haven’t received any notification more about why results are taking so long. I understand there’s covid but a bit more communication to stop people worrying would be nice. How much longer should I be waiting?


Sorry to the bearer of bad news but i was told there is now a 3 week wait. Although last week i sent a home test kit on the monday, received the recipient text on Thursday and negative results on the friday.
I myself am waiting on another set of results to come back as my symptoms have got worse, even though my samples were negative.


Hello everyone

I have delayed responding to this as I normally try to keep this forum as a general forum for contraceptive isssues.

However, just to update you.

We did have a problem with one of our labs at the end of Sep/beginning of October when one of their analysers went down and this led to a significant delay with results.

This is now fixed and we should be back to normal return times, except for delays in the Royal Mail which is operating a bit slower than normal at the moment.

Many thanks



Hi, I ordered a test in early December and send it off Iver two weeks ago, is there still delays? I’m just getting worried it’s been lost or my sample wasnt good, thank you for your time