Dent in nexplanon


Hi @Dr_Paula I got nexplanon implant fitted on monday (thursday evening now) the process was simple, pain free and so easy. I am bruised and the area is still a bit sore to touch which I am fine with I was expecting that for a good week or two but my concern now is that when I walk/jog there is slight pain, like a jabbing pain, when i sleep on that side there is slight pain and when I was feeling for my implant I feel a slight dent in the middle, possibly a bend or has it broke?
Quite concerned and dont want to be that girl that panics about everything, ringing the doctor a few days after insertion. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! It was fitted by a nurse in the family planning practice, she is the only one working there at the minute so I’m sure there has been no issues with how it was inserted or anything like that. Is it common for nexplanon to snap?
Thank you