Depo for 4 years or more?



Does anyone know how long you can take depo for? Would it be safe to take for more than 4 years? or what’s the advice? :thinking:


Hello @O.C

There is no upper limit on use of the injection. However, every 2 years your health care provider should review how long you have been on it and discuss the risks and benefits of continuing.

The main concern is bone strength.

Progestogen-only injectable use is associated with a small loss of bone strength, which usually recoveres after you stop using the inection.

So how long you stay on the injection depends on whether you have other risk factors for thin bones - these would be things like smoking, lack of weight bearing exercise (like walking or running), age over 45, some medications (like steroids). So depending on whether you have any of these conditions and what the benefits of staying on the injection are for you ( it does provide very reliable, long term contraception) you will make a decision on whether to continue and review this every 2 years.

If you would like to add more information on the specific risks and benefits for you then I can comment further if helpful.

Many thanks



Thanks @Dr_Paula. Do you know how long people tend to use the injection for - what’s the average? or anyone else who has used depo?


Hello @O.C

To be honest, I don’t know. I have looked around the literature a little and cannot find any data.

Can anyone else help?